7 Reasons Why Kyoto Can Still Work For You…

My last couple of months meeting remarkable tech innovators and thought leaders to introduce them to the once every 5-years chance to get their tech, their insights and future vision in front of the world’s who’s who of crime prevention and criminal justice at the Crime Congress has been a wonderful journey.

Some of you caught a vision of yourself having coffee with the UN Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC’s) Chief of Cyber Security, or perhaps discussing how your tech could powerfully upgrade the capacity of park rangers in Asia and Africa severely hamper today’s wild-life poachers and traffickers. Or perhaps if you were the one meeting the gaze of any of over 150 nations’ head of police or terrorism task forces as they took off a VR headset for the first time, that you would have a slam-dunk moment to introduce them to your cutting-edge VR training.

Then your daily reality hit. Considering taking almost 2 weeks out of your already highly pressed schedule to travel to Kyoto, Japan (even if it is to be cherry blossom season), procure the funds from your already stressed budget, and take a chance on something that sounds really fantastic, but… well, your CFO was more than ready to help you come to your senses and then relay, “I can’t make it this time. But keep me in the loop.”

Or maybe, you are just hearing about this for the first time!

Now you know the Crime Congress exists.

Now you know it happens every 5 years and is (relatively) open to civil society.

You also see:

  • How civil society and emerging tech leaders in particular, can engage the motivated international community crime prevention and criminal justice community.• There are right times and optimal places to highlight your innovative products and services that can be used to help countries counter cybercrime, violence, trafficking, and more.
  • That your knowledge and insight can enlighten the international criminal justice and global policy devilment community and your emerging technologies are the resources some of them urgently need.
  • Plus living and breathing amidst thousands of diplomats and justice experts of many kinds uniquely gives you a highly unusual opportunity for market research and learning about their priorities and most urgent concerns. 

Now we are down to the wire for Global Connect 2020Next Tuesday February 18th is the last day you can:

  • Join the delegation to Kyoto


  • Become a Global Connect 2020 Sponsor and position yourself to benefit from getting your products and services in front of the 5000 + international delegates. And let us do the travel and the leg-work!

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If you’ve been thinking about it since we first talked,
that’s a sign that you should definitely pay attention to.




Here are 7 Reasons to Be a Delegate and/or Sponsor




  • Technology is the one industry driving the greatest change in crime prevention and criminal justice
    As technology is used to commit more sophisticated crimes, law enforcement officers and those in legal systems across the world are increasingly using tech tools to combat crime. Awareness of and agility in adopting and using emerging technologies is increasingly urgent for the criminal justice field.
  • Connecting with and advising those in global criminal justice about emerging technologies is the ultimate opportunity to have an impact
    Connecting with international leaders in this field can bolster your own resume, but more importantly, your knowledge and expertise can lead to changes in places you could not otherwise impact.
  • Becoming known as an expert in your field makes you ‘future-proof’
    Connections made today become more valuable with time. And this chance doesn’t come around again for another 5-years. Where will you be by then? Will someone-else have stepped up into what could have been your spot?
  • Getting a mountain-top or peak view. 
    Stepping onto the global stage and owning even a small part of that, not only brings attention to you as a stand-out tech entrepreneur, but you also get a whole new perspective on the global community, its most urgent concerns, its pain points, strengths and needs.
  • Adding your insights and thought leadership to global conversations really makes a difference in people’s lives. 
    As soon as you start speaking to diplomats, international organizational staff and contributors to criminal justice, you’ll see how your work and insights can enrich their efforts and endeavors. You will see how the work that you love and are passionate about, can make a real impact in people’s lives near and far.
  • Talking with Ambassadors, international security officers and Ministers of Justice is the #1 way to do ‘market research’ 
    If you have ever dreamt about creating technologies that virtually sell themselves to those with security and technical training concerns, you’ll get to know exactly what’s on the mind of those with the responsibility to shape global policy, those who vote can make and break businesses in a single moment. Many technology related issues need urgent input and consideration, and you can provide knowledgeable and grounded input.
  • Global Connect 2020 gets you stand-out opportunities in 2 short months—by the end of April 2020.
    This all-in approach for technology leaders condenses learning and engagement into just 40 days. Literally just a few weeks from now you’ll be in Kyoto, confident as a speaker, contributor and exhibitor of the 2020 Crime Congress.


If you’ve known for a long time that you wanted your technology and your expertise to satisfy the bottom line and more, leverage social change through strategic contribution of your knowledge and experience, then now’s the time to get started.Global Connect 2020 preparations start the first week of March, so the deadline to sign up as a Delegate or a Sponsor to get promo spots in the Exhibit, is Wednesday February 19th.


Join Global Connect 2020.


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