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connect 2020

For technology leaders & innovators whose thought leadership and ground-breaking technologies are relevant to security, training, privacy, ownership and/or justice and crime prevention.

Go behind the scenes and get hand-hand-shake access to the who’s who of international decision-makers wrestling with the policy reins of the single greatest driver of change and disruption in our world today—technology.

What you’ll do

Between now and the end of April 2020, you will prepare, connect, and then forge vital relationships with world leaders in the fields of justice, security, cyber, policing, diplomacy, and technical support. 

You will impact global discussions, bring your services and products to new markets, and help bring the insights of tech leaders from the back rooms onto the global stage where they are urgently needed in today’s digital 21st Century.


Through informal meetings, presentations, lightning talks, displays, and private meetings, highlight your business’ contribution to our fast-changing global community.


Spearhead the re-framing of issues related to tech into solutions that governments, police, security communities, and civil society endeavors can use today. 


Make long-term relationships & lucrative partnerships with world leaders from 193 countries in crime prevention and criminal justice, security, counter-terrorism and more.

Generate New Ideas

| Solve Big Problems |

Make Deals.


The Global Connect delegation to the 2020 Crime Congress in Kyoto, Japan will also contribute through a variety of actions, to solutions formulation even as the fast growing arena of transnational organized crime outpaces the measured responses of the rule of law.



GC Delegates

Cups Of Coffee

We help you stand out

The United Nations Crime Congress happens only once every five years. Few people know about or understand what the Congress is, does, and most importantly, can do.

What is essential to understand, is that what can be achieved on this global stage is limited more by our vision and willingness to act, than it is by any rules and regulations. (Even if there are plenty of those.)

You will have with you on the team, one of the world’s best navigators of “East River Politics” working with you to guide you through the rushing waters and stick your landing!

Building on the Latest Work

Global Connect builds on the work of small teams of dedicated activists who worked in the margins of the last two United Nations Crime Commissions to promote technologist as essential UN partners in 2018 and 2019.

When it’s time for change, leap forward

When it’s time for change, talented, innovative, forward thinkers and action-takers are needed to lead the way. This is not for the faint of heart. It is for those whose businesses already embody bold, ground-breaking effort. This is for those ready to take their successes to the next level.





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